Integrated Real Estate

Real Estate is Local, Political and Capital Intensive and understanding these components is one of American Asset Corporations strengths in the ownership and operations of our successful real estate portfolio. By understanding and mastering these components and by operating directly in the local markets where the assets are located we are not just developing buildings, instead we are investing, creating and operating meaningful projects. And we continue to grow our real estate portfolio with a wide variety of successful projects that serve a diverse population of tenants and companies.


Investment Management

American Asset Corporation seeks to create value by acquiring, planning, developing and operating in strategic real estate locations and through master planned developments. AAC owns and manages nearly 6,000,000 sq. ft. of properties. These developments require blending diverse uses from retail, office and residential to governmental, institutional and medical into an integrated community. The forward thinking leadership of the company has maximized our ability to use the diversity and depth of these master planned developments in order to adjust to market cycles and enhance the value of our real estate portfolio.


Our ability to be successful is guided by core values such as Entrepreneurship, Stewardship, Respect and Integrity all of which extend from the rich history and tradition of the company Founder and Chairman, Count Arco. The integrated team at American Asset Corporation are experienced real estate professionals with the ability to handle the diversity of the industry through strong markets as well as challenging times and are able to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that our diverse real estate portfolio presents.


The addition of a first class art park to Whitehall Corporate Center was conceived by Count Arco, Founder and Chairman of American Asset Corporation. Multiple pieces of art have been installed at Whitehall Corporate Center and the installation of Metalmorphosis resulted in a visually stunning focal point that truly an iconic and monumental work of art benefiting tenants at Whitehall Corporate Center as well as the greater Charlotte community and visitors alike.